Vintage Mens Watch, Wittnauer Wrist Watch, Art Deco, Rectangular Case, 10K Gold Filled, Guilloché Two Tone Dial, Sub Seconds

photo (3)Fantastic Swiss Watch with handsome guilloché dial and dramatic flared lugs. A classic rectangular watch with heirloom quality.

Like traditional hand finishing, guilloché is a design technique in fine watchmaking, turning timepieces into art pieces. Guilloché is used on dials and, occasionally, cases and case backs. It is the engraving of detailed repeated patterns or moiré surfaces for a distinctive decorative effect.

Wittnauer, is a Longines-Wittnauer Product. Longines-Wittnaur watches are among the most prized timepieces in the world. Albert Wittnauer came to America from Switzerland in 1872. He was 16 and already knew watchmaking. He joined his brother-in-law J. Eugene Robert’s watch importing business. Soon two of Wittnauer’s younger brothers and his sister arrived in New York, forming what became the Wittnauer company. Robert was already importing watches. Eventually they added a Wittnauer-brand to their company’s lines.

Read more here: Wittnauer

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