The Lord Elgin Clubman

unnamed[3]The Lord Elgin “Clubman” //

The Lord Elgin Clubman is an iconic 1950s wrist watch from one of America’s great watchmakers. The idea of putting the hour markers on the bezel rather than on the dial was not new, but Elgin’s designers made the concept sleek, simplified and sophisticated. This left the dial free for some fancy pared down elegance.

In the Lord Elgin Clubman’s case, this means a white waffle dial, with very thin gold compass lines pointing north east and west, and a whisper of a sub seconds dial at the six position. The watch is signed with a curving “Lord Elgin” below the 12 position and a nice subtle dp for “Dura Power” in the upper half of the seconds dial. Add the glint of gold in the hour minute and second hands and in the seconds markers, and you have a dial that is easy to read and a joy to look at.

This dial is remarkably fresh for an item that is 65 years old.

As for the Lord Elgin Clubman’s enamel bezel, which is the standout feature of this model, notice how the hour markers are identical except for the 12 marker which had two lines instead of one. The curved lugs and the nicely knurled winding crown complete the look.

Please note that the black enamel is in great shape–something that is quite important with this particular model. Don’t settle for one that has been worn away or over polished…

Elgin introduced the Clubman in 1951 and marketed it through 1953, perhaps longer. This model is powered by a 21 jewel movement (see the photograph). The case is 14 K gold filled front and back, signed with the W outside and Wadsworth inside. This is a high quality case.

They advertized this watch with this copy: “LORD ELGIN CLUBMAN – For the smartest man on campus, Elgin’s smartest.”

To Make This Watch Yours, or for More Information, click: The Lord Elgin Clubman

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