Gruen Watches – A Sampler


Gruen watches have always been desirable and popular.


If a Gruen also bears the Precision name, it tells you the watch was made at Gruen’s Precision Factory in Switzerland.


Gruen Watch Company was among the foremost watch brands. In years from 1894 through 1958, the Gruen Watch Company of USA & Switzerland was one of the leaders in wristwatch design and quality.


Operations in the USA were based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting in 1921, Gruen made and imported watch movements from abroad.


The highest-quality Gruen movements were produced in Europe, and only the watches containing these better calibres were marked “Precision” on the dial.

Copy from a 1952 magazine: “When you give a Gruen Watch, you are giving the world’s most supremely beautiful and modern timepiece … a watch as fine and faithful as nearly four generations of watchmaking skill can make a watch. So let your heart choose a Gruen.”


These are a sampling of some of the fine Gruen vintage watches that have been part of our collection over the years.  There are many more for you to see.  Simply select this link to look at gorgeous Gruen watches today: GRUEN


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