Voumard 2000 – Still Ahead of Its Time

Here is a spectacular mid 20th century watch that looked forward in both its design and its functionality.

Notice you cannot see a winding crown.  That’s because it is not there.  You wind and set the watch from a crown that is on the back of the watch.  Very few watchmakers managed to do this.  Notable success came from Jager-LeCoultre, whose vintage “Futurematic” back-set and back-wind watches command astronomical prices today, and rightly so.  We are talking five figures.

Timex also managed to create a back-wind watch, which is rare and hard to find today; and it was not the success that the Jager-LeCoultre was.  So there are your main choices if you want a sleek, no-visible-crown wristwatch.

That is, except for the Voumard 2000.  Created in the 1960s and sold into the 1970s.

To our way of thinking, this is the king of the back-winds.  It works.  It looks great.  It is still in reach of most collectors.  And it wears like a dream.

The crown for winding and setting the watch is on the BACK so you do not see a winding crown when you look at this watch. Another feature is that you can re-position the entire dial in the case housing, so that it is at an angle rather than up and down, if you wish. The terms used are convertible drivers back-set back-wind watch.  The entire movement, case back, and crystal push out through the back to do this re-positioning.

The cases in this particular line came in gold plate or in stainless steel.  There were at least a half dozen different dial designs, all of them very handsome.  We think this brown and gold two tone design is among the best.

The perfect gift for The Man Who Has Everything…!  A modern classic.

To Make This Watch Yours, or for More Information, click: VOUMARD 2000



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