1939 World War II Alpina Tresor Military Watch

photo 2 (12)

Alpina introduced its “TreSor” in 1938.  This design was made during the WWII era, conceived and used as a military watch – and yes, used by the German military.

This particular model is a rare and wonderful survivor that time.

The “TreSor” was designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.  We do not known enough of the history of this watch to know where and when it was worn, but we must assume that it saw active duty.

“TreSor” by the way means ‘safe’, as in as secure and solid as a safe.  Alpina designated only their most rugged watches “TreSor”.

The case is a DRGM, Edelstahl, Antimagnetisch, Stossicher – Siegerin 1 – steel case with a plastic crystal (possibly original), in very good condition. The case has a push back. The case measures approximately 27.5 mm x 35mm.

The matte black dial is dial is signed: TreSor and Alpina. There is a sub seconds register at the 6 position. The watch has a nicely knurled crown. The steel case shows some signs of use down the decades but all in all is in remarkably good condition.  The movement is a Alpina 15 jewels caliber 762.

To read more about this special and unusual watch see: ALPINA TRESOR

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