Westclox Men’s 17 Jewel Emerald Green Dial Watch

Westclox Green DialJust before the first years of the quartz revolution in watch making, some of the best known makers of mechanical watches offered some of their finest-ever timepieces. This wonderful vintage Westclox watch with its gorgeous emerald green dial is a striking example of innovative offerings from that era.

Westclox introduced their “Crown Line” series of watches in 1964, as can be seen in contemporary national magazine advertizing (you will find other sources who say the Crown Line began a year or two later, but the ads and their dates make 1964 the definite start year). These watches were advertised as having been “styled by a top designer in the watch making industry”. Watch collectors today would love to know more; if only we knew the name of that designer. Certainly, the resulting designs are worth celebrating.

This brushed stainless steel chunky case watch has an early 1960’s “Futuristic” inspiration. We could call it sleek and minimalist, and add space age as well. The real excitement comes in the emerald green dial which has the same intensity and brilliance as a cabochon cut gem.

Some watch collectors will tell you with a note of disdain that while Westclox was a high volume manufacturer, they made only “dollar watches” with pin-lever mechanisms. ‘Taint so. This watch and others in the Westclox “Crown Line” boast a quality 17 jewels movement designed to become an heirloom. There were more than a dozen different models in the Crown Line series. This is one of the best. Other models had sapphire blue and ruby red dials. Wonderful!

The watch offers great vintage design from a memorable moment in history. The entire look is bold, exciting, and forward-looking. Westclox made these “Crown Line” watches as their top-of-the-line, prestige timepieces. They used bold brushed stainless steel, in a futuristic, space-age inspired case, and gave the dial the luminosity of rare gems. This is the kind of watch worn by a man who is sure of himself and his abilities, and knows how to enjoy life.

This mod-retro watch with its highly prized emerald green dial is a quite collectible watch and very hard to find.

Westclox was one of the grand old USA makers; it began as the United Clock Co. of Peru, IN, the home town of Cole Porter, in 1885. The name was changed to Western Clock Company in 1912. The name Westclox was first used in advertising in 1918. The company merged with Seth Thomas Company (founded in 1813) in 1930 to become General Time Instrument Corporation.

Read more about this watch, here: WESTCLOX GREEN DIAL 17 JEWEL WATCH

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