Vantage Watch by Hamilton Watch Company – A Swiss 17 Jewel Watch

Vantage watchVantage watches are among the “sleepers” in the watch collecting field today. This means that you can probably find a very fine example of these great watches for a very reasonable price.

Vantage watches were made by the illustrious Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Vintage Hamilton watches command high prices in the collecting market, and rightly so, as they were always well made, both mechanically and stylistically, and they are so well documented that collectors can easily determine the name and particulars of each. This allows collectors to buy Hamilton’s with confidence.

Hamilton introduced their fully-jeweled Vantage line in the 1960s so that they could compete with “pin lever” type watches, price-wise. The main competition was Timex. Hamilton sought to gain a market share in the $12 dollar range of watches, a market share that Bulova was also seeking to gain in their own jeweled and popularly priced “Caravelle” watches. It was an exciting time in watch making, and you the collector have the advantage of Hamilton quality in these Vantage watches.

This watch appears in a 1965 Vantage nationwide magazine advertising campaign. This Vantage by Hamilton Watch Company has a 17 Jewel Swiss made movement, stainless steel case, silver dial, mad men era 1960s styling with silver colored Arabic raised numerals, silver colored hour, minute and sweep second hands, and a striking sculptural Baldwin stainless steel scissors type expansion band.

In outstanding condition, such as this, you would not go wrong in collecting a 1965 Vantage watch, and wearing it daily. Read more here: VANTAGE BY HAMILTON

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2 Responses to Vantage Watch by Hamilton Watch Company – A Swiss 17 Jewel Watch

  1. I have a Vantage 177 17 Jewel pocket watch (Open face) that I found in some items of my fathers. It works great. Any value to this watch?

  2. Hi Edward, Thanks for the question. As I said in the post, Vantage watches are among the “sleepers” in the watch collecting field today. This means that they are undervalued in the marketplace. If you were patient, you might be able to sell the watch for around one hundred dollars, but that is more than they usually go for on the big auction site. If you like it and it is working great, enjoy it as a family piece now, and maybe even pass it along to the next generation.

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