Classy Caravelle by Bulova – Blue Dial Watch

il_570xN.597922433_qhm7[1]We have talked about blue dial and Caravelle before in this blog. Caravelle is the line introduced by Bulova to compete with Timex and other pin lever watches, with a fully jeweled movement watch at the same or similar price ($10-$12). Bulova introduced their Caravelle line in 1961, and by 1968 it was the best-selling brand of men’s watches in jewelry stores world-wide.

Blue is a great color for a watch dial, providing a great contrast for reading the dial quickly in many different light settings, from bright sunshine to dusk. We believe that Enicar was the first company to offer navy blue dial watches, and that other brands quickly followed suit. There is something universally appealing about navy blue, a true neutral that always looks crisp and sharp.

This Caravelle is stellar, to be sure.

It is a Caravelle by Bulova Men’s Calendar Watch in a big, beefy, chunky case of brushed stainless steel. This watch was made in 1977.


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