Armand Duval Men’s Art Deco Watch

il_fullxfull.594892117_bw9q[1]There are watches and then there are watches. If your tastes run to rectangular watches, if you are fond of the Art Deco era, if you like having something that no one else you know has, then this is the watch for you.

It is an Art Deco men’s vintage watch by the Swiss maker Armand Duval, in a 10k gold filled case, powered by a 17 jewels movment. This watch probably dates to the early 1950s but may be older.

This Armand Duval is an amazingly elegant Art Deco men’s Swiss watch with its gorgeous two-tone dial, sub second dial, fancy case Art Deco raised or bracketed corners, double teardrop fancy lugs and curved crystal. It has all the bells and whistles, as they say.

This watch has a particularly handsome fancy square case. You have a sense, when you are wearing it, that you are transported back to those boom years after World War II, when everything seemed possible. Cars were growing fins, and watches were growing fin-like lugs, such as these. The bracketed corners of the watch case are particulary nice.

The 17 Jewels movement is signed: SEVENTEEN JEWELS / SWISS / ARMAND DUVAL / DYG. This same movement was used by a number of high end Swiss watch companies, including…Rolex. Pause and consider: This is a Rolex-level-of-quality vintage timepiece.

The watch is furnished with a new luxurious J B Champion crocodile calf watch strap in brown, with a gold tone buckle, which is in keeping with the style of band that would have been popular when this watch was new. It completes the look perfectly.

This would qualify as a rare and unusual vintage Swiss watch.

Armand Duval was the maker / importer of quality Swiss watches for men and women; the company was incorporated in Boston in 1952, although it was in business for some years beforehand. Its romantic name is from the hero in “Camille” (“La Dame aux Camellias”) by Alexander Dumas fils, who is based upon the author himself. The story inspired Verdi’s opera, “La Traviata”. In Hollywood classic films, the role of Armand Duval was portrayed by Rudolph Valentino, Gilbert Roland and Robert Taylor. No matter how you look at it, a watch from Armand Duval exudes drama and romance.

The fabulous case is by Lapwell. Lapwell cases were also used by these other high end Swiss makers; their very names are magical: Glycine, Normandie, Banner, Wittnauer and Gotham. Lapwell Watch Case Corp. was located in Greenvale, Long Island, NY.

To read more about this watch, visit: ARMAND DUVAL WATCH

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2 Responses to Armand Duval Men’s Art Deco Watch

  1. kathy stilts says:

    I found a welsboro necklace watch. It is a strawberry with jewels on it was curious on what its worth

    • Thank you for your comment. It is not easy to give a value estimate on a watch such as yours without seeing it in person and noting the condition. And we are not appraisers, so what we say here is for your general information only. If your watch is working (winds, sets, runs and keeps time) and if it is outstanding cosmetic vintage condition, and if the jewels are rhinestones and the metal is gold plate, for instance, the value might be somewhere in the $50-$100 range. But of course, things are worth what people are wiling to pay for them. If the metal is solid gold and if the jewels are real stones, then the value would be quite a bit higher (and would be based on the gold content and the quality of the jewels).

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