Wonderful Women’s Vintage Watches

photo_5[1] (7)If the truth be told, there are more collectors of men’s vintage watches than there are collectors of women’s vintage watches. Why is this so? Several reasons, which we will mention, but first let us say that none of these reasons should prevent you from focusing upon women’s watches in your own collecting.

The first is this: There seems to be a greater number of men who collect watches than women. The men who collect watches may do so simply to admire the beauty and mechanical precision of these timepieces, but they will also confess that they are glad to collect something that they can use, wear, and enjoy. And so, these collectors focus upon watches that were made for men, because they look appropriate on their own wrists.

A second reason is that the collecting of men’s vintage watches has a long history behind it, making the “field” well established. Most collectors enjoy having a body of reference to depend upon, to learn what they have and what to look for. There are many more reference works and price guides out there that focus on men’s watches.

A third reason is that of the women’s watches that are avidly collected and sought after, these tend to be the rarer and more expensive watches. At the higher end of the spectrum, price-wise, when the watches are solid gold or platinum, when they are jewel-encrusted, when they are the work of elite makers, such watches will not go wanting a buyer. So they are not only lovely to look at and delightful to hold, they hold their value. They are dependable investments.

Based on all of the above, it would seem that the majority of vintage women’s watches are not really worth the attention of the majority of collectors. To which we say: Exactly what others are thinking! So, the field is wide open for you. Women’s watches are an underappreciated area of collecting.

If you want a vintage watch from a good maker, you will soon discover that a watch made for a woman can be found for a much more reasonable price than a man’s watch from the same year by the same maker. If you pay attention, you will notice that these watches have all the features of their male companions, and do what the men’s watches do, but in a smaller space, which is remarkable in and of itself.

If you like the look of women’s vintage watches, why not go for it. The timing couldn’t be better.

Shown above is a Hamilton “Fay” watch from the 1950s. For information about this and other Hamilton Watches for women and men, follow this link:

Some Hamilton Watches

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