Gruen Blue Dial Quatre-Fleur Women’s Watch

photo_5[1] (6)What a pretty, vintage ladies’ watch! This Gruen Precision Swiss Watch has features that make it stand out from the ordinary.

First of all it is a 17 jewel watch. These tend to be among the best timekeepers and among the most dependable movements down through the decades. Yes, there are many good and collection-worthy watches with a lower jewel count, but you cannot go wrong when the movement is of this quality.

Second, the 10K white gold filled case is of a “Quatre-Fleur” motif. That is, it is made in the shape of four stylized leaves. This conventionalized representation of a flower with four petals, or a lucky four-leaf clover, makes such a charming framework for the next stand-out feature.

The watch has a lovely blue dial. Blue dial watches became of interest to the public in the late 1930s to early 1940s. Enicar may have been the first maker of note to feature blue dials. The others soon followed suit. This example, with its raised white gold colored markers, creating a kind of starburst or ray pattern on the dial face, is particulary pleasing.

It looks great as it is shown, and even better on the wrist.

For more about this watch please follow this link:

Gruen Blue Dial Women’s Watch

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