Americus Watch

photo_4[1] (4)The Americus Watch Company was founded in 1916, and in business through 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. They were a dealer in watches, diamonds and jewelry, and specialized in the watch importing business. Their headquarters was at 606 Metropolitan Bldg. Watches, Detroit, in 1930, and was at 33 John R Street, Detroit, in 1933. Among their corporate officers were Jacob D. Rosenbert, Sol Glttleman, and Elijah H. Rosenberg, secretary-treasurer, who died in 1933. The owner of the company died in 1951 and it was offered for sale at that time.

During their long period of activity, the Americus Watch Company imported very fine Swiss watches, of which this Americus Watch Co. 17 Jewel Military Style Gold Filled men’s vintage watch is a great example. It is a very interesting and rare watch from the 1940s, in wonderful condition, with a fancy case, in gold, probably gold filled or rolled gold plate. Features include a full chapter ring, crisp and strong black second numerals, integral lugs that are beautifully curved, a white dial in outstanding condition with only slight aging, a long, elegant sweep second hand, bold Arabic numerals, and a glass crystal which is probably original.

To read more about this watch visit:

Americus Watch

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