Liberty Coin Style Watch – Men’s Omicron 17J – Circa Late 1970s

il_fullxfull.533789272_e182[1]Here is a gorgeous vintage gold tone Omicron 17 jewel wrist watch with a dial designed to look like a coin. Specifically, the design of the watch is based upon US coins. In the late 1970s and early 1980s several high end Swiss watch companies offered watches either using actual coins or dial designs based on vintage US coins. The design on this dial is patterned after the $10 and $20 Liberty coins of the 1880s-1900. It has 12 stars around the dial, serving as numeral markers, where the original coins had 13 stars for the 13 original states.

Although the material is not indicated, we believe this dial to be gold plated. Further enhancing the look, is the coin-edge bezel. And in keeping with similar watches of the era, this watch has long straight lugs, and a winding crown surmounted by a deep blue cabochon stone.

The hour and minute hands are slim and black, again, this is in keeping with the other coin watches by other high end Swiss makers of the time. While you would expect to pay more than $2,000 for those brands, this genuine Omicron watch may be had for a fraction of that price.

All in all it is quite an attractive watch.


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