When to Wear Your Vintage Watch?

photo[1] (6)When to wear your vintage watch?

It may seem too simple a question but consider it for a few moments. When do you wear your vintage watch? Perhaps the answer depends upon what vintage watch you mean.

If the watch is a family heirloom that one would be afraid to lose or if of great monetary worth, the answer might be:

– On family occasions when the wearing of it will bring the original family member to remembrance.

– On other special occasions such as graduations, weddings or recognitions when wearing it will make it seem as if the family member is somehow there.

– On challenging occasions when the watch might serve as a kind of talisman of confidence.

If the vintage watch is of great rarity, whether or not a family heirloom, one might also take the kinds of precautions to avoid conditions that will not subject it to risks like dust, moisture and undue shock. Museum quality timepieces may need to spend much of their time in safe, secure places, but even these treasures ought to have a day or evening on the town.

When the vintage watch is good – even great – and it gives the owner pleasure, then by all means, wear it often. After all, watches we’re made to be worn, and much of the intrinsic value of these survivors comes from the fact that their designers and makers intended them to perform day after day, year in and year out. We know of one vintage watch wearer who confesses that a glance of the wrist has help him get through boring meetings at the office and brought a smile in the middle of tough days.

If you own a great looking watch, design wise, function wise, then wear it in good health.

When to wear your vintage watch?

Every day.

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