Rodania Swiss Watch with Black Dial and Red Sweep Second Hand

photo[3] (7)The Rodania brand was created in 1930 in the small village of Lengnau in Switzerland, home to many other famous Swiss brands, by Mr. Hans Baumgartner of the Baumgartner family. Rodania has been producing the finest watches since its foundation in 1930. Very much in business today, their watches area highly prized. Their current headquarters is: International Sales and Distribution • Avenue de Limburg Stirum 274 • 1780 Wemmel, Belgium.

Shown here is a fantastic 1950s Rodania 17 jewels military style Swiss watch with a great black dial in a stainless steel case. The watch features a brilliant bright red sweep second hand.

The watch is powered by an A. Schild Calibre 1430 (AS 1430) movement, featuring 17 jewels, manual wind, with a sweep second. These AS 1430s were used in many Swiss watches in the early 1950s.

The dial and hands of this 60 year old watch are in very fine condition. The case, however, shows quite a bit of wear or patina or age, any of those terms will cover the pitting and brassing you see.

There are several schools of thought about vintage watch condition. Some folks want their vintage watch to be as pristine as the day it was made, which you can find (either because someone put it in a drawer and never wore it or because someone painstakingly restored it). Others treasure a watch that shows all of the character than comes only with being worn and enjoyed for decade upon decade. If you are among the first group, then you will not think much of this watch. But if you are of the second group, then you will see the beauty in this great vintage men’s Swiss watch (as we do).

To read more about this watch, visit: RODANIA BLACK DIAL WATCH

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