A Wonderful Welsbro Stepped Case Art Deco Swiss Watch

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What a Wonderful Welsbro Swiss Watch with Skyscraper Art Deco Stepped Case Style.

It is a mechanical wind-up watch from the late 1920s-early 1930’s with a look that is elegant and luxurious. This stepped style case is also becoming scarce.

This is a handsome men’s rectangular, multi-step sided bright yellow gold-finished metal case (Gold Filled or Gold Plated…The mark by the edge where the watch opens is not legible). The pearl tone dial has gold tone numbers, hands, and a minute track border; it features a sunken, separate seconds dial at the 6 position.

Wearing this Weslbro is like having the Chrysler Building on your wrist. Which makes sense since both were created about the same time.

Watch collectors wonder about Welsbro Watches. A bit of history is in order. Welsbro was a trademark of Weissman Watch Co., New York, importers of fine Swiss Watches. Welsbro watches began in the pocket watch era. The name was initially Weisbro, for the Weissman Brothers (Weis + Bro = Weisbro). But when the name was capitalized, as is typical for a name on a watch, Weisbro became “WEISBRO” which looked to many to be “Welsbro”. The company took that name and ran with it.

Welsbro watches are typically good quality Swiss watches with jeweled movements from one of a few Swiss movement manufacturers. The cases are typically good quality, being either stainless steel, gold plated, solid gold, or chrome plated. Late 1930s to 1940s Welsbro watches shared the same cases used by other quality Swiss watch manufacturers.

In the world of vintage timepieces, Welsbro watches were like Bulova watches, in that they were both New York City based companies that imported quality Swiss Watches. Samuel Weissman, Sylvia Shapiro and Florence Weissman, were doing business as Weissman Watch Co., Welsbro Watch Co. and Weisco Watch Co., 20 W. 47th St., in 1943.

This case was made by the I. D. Watch Case Co., Inc. was located at 121 Varick St. in New York City, in a notable vintage building that is now the Data Center. The company dates from 1930-1942.

Watch collectors will tell you that the “Putnam” by Hamilton Watch used a nearly identical stepped case to this one.

For more about this watch please click: WELSBRO

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