Vintage Watches and Affordability

Facts is facts as someone once said, and the facts regarding quality watches is that many are out of reach of the average buyer unless one goes vintage.

For the vintage shopper, items that would be too dear to wear every day suddenly become as reasonable as…well, as a nice dinner that is enjoyed for a moment and then gone, or a tank of gas, ditto ditto. And vintage watches are frequently even more reasonable than that.

For instance…

Are you looking for a ladies Anne Klein watch? New, you will spend between $56 and $130 at retail; at the discount stores, around $39.99. But a watch like the vintage Anne Klein shown above will cost you about the same as today’s lunch. In this case, $9.99.

Think of it.

For less than a ten-spot you have on your wrist something that delivers quality, dependability and aesthetic appeal. World renowned designers have had a hand in what you see on your wrist. Top notch watchmakers have assured its accuracy. It is something that you will enjoy and treasure, and frankly, something that you do not have to fret about if it becomes lost or damaged.

Wear it for a month and you have spent 33 cents per day on it. That’s not just affordable, that is downright cheap.

Bargains are to be had at every level of quality, if you are a savvy shopper.

There are probably not going to be too many 33 cents a day vintage watches out there from the obvious suspects among the highest high end makers, unless you are prepared to sift and sort through a lot of out of the way places along the way. But as you do, you will find a good selection of the middle end makers to choose from. The best thing about that is you will also be finding distinctive timepieces from great but not as immediately known watchmakers, whose mechanics and whose aesthetics hold tremendous appeal. Chances are in your favor that you will find something obscure that is extra fine for a fraction of its collector value.

And face it, half the fun is in the search. It is like big game hunting without the guns and mosquitoes.


Happy hunting!

Read more about the Anne Klein watch pictured above by following this link: AK

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