ESQ Esquire Watch by Movado – The “Hampshire” Model

photo[1] (187)Here is one of the best ESQ watches of recent years (circa 2002). The watch is by Movado, as are all ESQ or Esquire watches – a division of Movado a bit more attainable to the general public, price-wise. This particular watch, stainless steel with white dial, is eminently readable with raised stainless steel numerals and gleaming hands. And just look at that arrow pointer on the sweep second hand—what a delight!

This watch was also offered in a two-tone silver and gold model, very chic indeed.

If you are fortunate, you may still be able to find a new old stock Hampshire ESQ. Or if you keep a sharp eye out you may find a pre-owned Hampshire in your vintage shopping excursions. If you do, don’t hesitate. The accuracy and dependability that have set the Movado watches apart for generations are intrinsic to this fine vintage timepiece.

Of course, the date of the watch, 2002, begs the question:

How old is vintage?

Here is a possible guideline. Fifteen to twenty years old.

However, if the watch is no longer in production, and if the design esthetics are such that they are different from watches still in production, we could consider a ten year old watch a vintage watch. Not an “older” vintage, of course, nonetheless, out of production and out of stock. Generally, a watch that is 75-100 years old, or more, would be considered an antique watch.

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