Marvelous Milus Men’s Vintage Swiss Watch

il_fullxfull.451680496_h8jc[1]Here’s a sophisticated Milus watch from the 1960s jet set era, with all the style and panache one would expect. The watch is a complete joy to wear with a suit or jeans or in-between.

On the practical side… It’s powered by a manual Swiss Made Movement with 17 Jewels. It fits perfectly on the wrist, is easy to read, works quite well, sets and winds easily, and keeps good time.

On the style side of things… The brushed case with radiating lines has a sheen that is just enough to garner notice.

“The Playful Spirit of Time”…is the Milus slogan.

The Swiss Milus watch brand was founded in Bienne, Switzerland, by Paul William Junod, in 1919. His vision kept Milus watches at the vanguard of Swiss watch making. His son Paul Herbert Junod took over the company in 1951. Through 2002 the company was headed by Junod’s descendants. Milus continues in business today–you should visit their website. Vintage Milus watches such as this are often offered for sale in the range $700-900; new Milus watches cost multiple thousands of dollars.

To read more, please visit: MILUS

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2 Responses to Marvelous Milus Men’s Vintage Swiss Watch

  1. It's Bennett says:

    Have purchased a milus jetmaster 21 jewels. Watch self winding was wondering the price still keeps good time

  2. Yes, Ira, the Milus Jetmaster is an outstanding watch, with the mystery dial jet plane serving as the second hand as it goes around the dial. I am glad to know that it is keeping good time. The watch featured on this page sold some time ago.

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