Tantalizing Titus Swiss Watch

photo[2] (15)Here is an unusual and handsome Titus Swiss Watch, courtesy of Paul Ditisheim, featuring a sunburst oval dial in a stainless steel octagonal case, offering “Atomic Era” glamour.

Titus or SOLVIL et TITUS was a company of Paul Ditisheim (1868-1945), a celebrated watchmaker and inventor, who was a very prominent figure in the Swiss watch industry of its time. In 1887, he appointed to one of the first models that he created, the name Titus, and therefore the brand Solvil et Titus was born. Solvil, an abbreviation of Sonvilier, is the village of Jura in where the watches were made; Titus honors the Roman Emperor of the first century. TITUS is a trademark brand from Switzerland which was usually sold in the Asian market, so the chances of anyone finding another like this are pretty slim. They were basically subsidiaries of Swiss (FELCA).

The dial is a vertical white oval set inside an Atomic Era sunburst frame. The dial is signed TITUS AUTOMATIC SWISS MADE and has the wonderful Titus wreath (symbolic of the Roman Emperor Titus) logo as well. There are no hour markers, the hands are stainless steel. Sweep second hand, modern hour and minute hands. The date window is at the six position and features red date numerals. Titus wreath logo on the crown.

The Stainless Steel Case is octagonal with the points set at the NSEW compass points as well as the NE SE SW NW semi compass points. The fancy lugs continue the lines of the octagon.

Read more about it here: TITUS

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