Timecraft Swiss Watch – To Answer Your Questions

photo[1] (14)Here is a Timecraft Automatic Swiss Made Men’s watch with a military style stainless steel case and a suave champagne color dial. The watch has a complete chapter ring and a great red sweep second hand. This is one of those clean crisp and timeless designs that only appreciate in appeal down the decades.

Watch collectors are sometimes stumped by the brand “Timecraft”. Our research indicates some solid information about these Swiss made watches.

Timecraft Swiss Watches were quality watches, imported and represented by watchmaker and businessman Herman Cooper of 48 West 48th Street, Room 405, New York City, and his sons, from 1938 through the 1960s and beyond. Herman Cooper was born in 1905 in Romania when it was still part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Herman and his wife Rose lived in the Bronx in the 1930s and then in Queens in the 1940s; they had three sons, Philip K, Marvin and Herbert. Both Philip K. Cooper and Herbert Cooper joined their father in the watch and jewelry business at 48 West 48th Street.

Croton Watch Company, Kingston Watch Company, Crawford Watch Company, Otto Grun Inc., De Frece Watch Company, Baldwin – Brunswick Watches, Lauret Watch Co., and the USA representatives of Cyma, Tavannes and Tacy watches, among others, were all headquartered in this same building. 48 W 48th St. continues to be a center of the jewelry and watch trade in 2013 (headquarters of Casio, Joe Rodeo, etc.). Timecraft watches are comparable in style and quality to the Croton, Kingston and Crawford watches from the same period. Timecraft also furnished movements for Graham Chronometers. (Timecraft, Timecraft Watch Co. / Herman Cooper, Kleinuhren; New York, USA, 1938). Only one “Timecraft” watch appears in the 2013 “Complete Price Guide to Watches”, but “Timecraft” could be considered part of the “misc. Swiss” category. Philip K. Cooper established a fabulous jewelry and watch establishment in Warren, New Jersey, which continues in business today.

For those of you who have a “Timecraft” and were wondering about its back story, this is the first place on line to find it. So, now you know!

The watch is furnished with a great, period appropriate stainless steel gate-type expansion band signed: FLEX-LET 52 STAINLESS

To read more about this watch, click: TIMECRAFT

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