BENRUS Men’s Celebrated Calendar Watch with 31 Day Red Arrow Date Pointer Hand and Day Window

photo[1] (10)What a beautiful “Bennie”! “The Watch That Times the Airways”!

This is their most celebrated model ever. At the time it was made, this model was the most complex mechanical watch available. A timeless watch that looks like nothing else on any wrist today, yesterday and throughout watchmaking history.

Of this particular watch model it has been said:

It was during the 1940s that Benrus produced some of their best watches. The most notable of these would have to be their celebrated calendar watch which was introduced in the late 1940s. This was a manual wind watch that featured a window in the dial to show the month and a hand-indicated-date that had the days of the month running around the outside of the dial. This would turn out to be the most mass produced complicated watch of all time.

Benrus Watch Co was founded in NYC by the Lazarus Brothers; the name came from one of their first and last names: Benjamin Lazarus. Ben+Rus=Benrus. Their first NYC headquarters were in the Hippodrome building. Some assembly took place in USA but most in Switzerland—they owned a factory in Chaux-de-Fonds; they owned a 6-7 story Benrus Watch Co. case factory in Waterbury CT where their cases were made. Their slogan was “The Official Watch of Famous Airlines”. The company went bankrupt in 1971, but for many years was the second largest American watch company, after Hamilton (thus, bigger than Elgin). The three were to USA watchmaking what GM, Ford and Chrysler were to USA auto-making.

Some may wonder how to set such a watch. Here’s how: The time sets as you would set any watch; pull out the crown and turn in a forward direction. Day of the week in the window below the 12 – sets by doing the same as above, that is, turning in a forward direction, by as many 24 hour increments as needed till the day you want shows. Because the mechanism is in wonderful shape, the crown advances with ease. Day of month – is also set by having the crown out, but turning in a backward direction; as you do, with every 24 hours, the arrow goes back until you reach the desired day of the month. So simple! Once you do the day and date, you can fine tune the hour. It becomes almost second nature once you do it, from the very first time.

For more about this watch, visit: BENRUS RED ARROW

For a look at a selection of vintage Benrus models, click: BENRUS

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