Olma Art Deco WW2 Military Men’s Swiss Watch

il_fullxfull.427958010_o1ax[1]Here is an Olma Art Deco World War II Era Military Style Men’s Swiss Watch, which features a black dial with a sub second hand dial, in a steel case.

Watch enthusiasts love these collectible military timepieces of the WWII era. These well-proportioned, manly classic designs are easily recognizable, and they are a source of great pride for their owners. Their popularity has never waned. They are incredibly desirable, and widely sought after by collectors throughout the world.

This one is a real find.

Some history, courtesy of the present-day Olma website: In 1854, Paul Jeannin Bourquin began to work in the watch-making workshop. During this period, he concentrated on the techniques for watch part making and every procedure for watch assembly. His talent for watch-making was brought to full play and soon he became an excellent watchmaker. In 1860, Paul Jeannin Bourquin completed the first watch designed and made by him, and rejoiced at the watch, he named it after Numa Jeannin – the name of his son. Also, he registered it as trade name in Switzerland. A legendary watch brand was thus born. Numa Jeannin inherited the business of his father, Paul Jeannin Bourquin, and made a career in watch-making. In 1906, Numa Jeannin established a watch making factory, and registered the brand of OLMA in Switzerland.

For more on this one-of-a-kind vintage watch, click: OLMA WWII

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