Nastrix Knotted Lugs Men’s Swiss Watch

il_fullxfull.487600417_c4ku[1]This Nastrix Men’s Swiss Watch features a 17 Jewels movement in a gold filled Art Deco style case in one of the most distinctive watch case designs, ever.

The knotted lugs style was popular with many higher end watch makers.

The Nastrix Corporation, New York was an American importer of quality Swiss watches and movements active in the 1950s through the 1970s. “Life” Magazine in 1956 featured their ad which read: “Nastrix Watches accent ACCURACY with EYE APPEAL / NASTRIX At leading stores THE NASTRIX CORPORATION 38W.48th St.,N.Y.” Here is an ad copy line from 1973: “Nastrix watches do more than just tell time . . . they glorify the American wrist.”

Nastrix watches have always been desirable and luxurious. JFK wore a Nastrix watch. The Nastrix watch brand continues to be celebrated, nowadays.

For more about this and other Nastrix watches, click: Nastrix

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