Hamilton Watch – “Sherman” Model

Hamilton ShermanHamilton watches are considered to be the best of the American made watches, by many vintage wrist watch collectors. They are strong in both mechanics and design, and because Hamilton named their watch models, about as easy to identify as possible.

This is a prime example, a Hamilton “Sherman” model, with a 10k gold filled case, two tone dial, and 18K solid gold markers. It is a splendid Art Deco timepiece.

This Hamilton “Sherman” dates to 1949.

The Hamilton Watch Company (1892-1969) was established when the Keystone Standard Watch Company was forced into bankruptcy and sold at a sheriff’s sale to a group of Lancaster, Pennsylvania entrepreneurs whose “objective was to build only watches of the highest quality.” This they accomplished, and for many years were considered America’s leading watchmaker.

Here we have a rare example of an original Hamilton gents’ watch which dates back to 1949 and is fully working and keeping time with the original Hamilton movement. It is fully and correctly signed by Hamilton on the case, dial and movement.

Hamilton named their watches making them much more collectable. This watch goes by the model name of Sherman. This is most noted for its beautiful two tone finished dial with 18k solid gold numbers and pyramid studs, as described in the original advertisement.

Some watch collectors collect only Hamilton watches. When they are as wonderful as this one, we can understand why.

To read more about this Hamilton Sherman watch, please click this link: Hamilton Sherman

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