Germinal Voltaire Men’s Swiss Watch – Bauhaus Style

il_fullxfull.431320368_c7ub[1]This Germinal Voltaire Men’s Vintage Swiss Watch features a gold plated, minimalist classic Bauhaus Style case. This heirloom watch dates from the golden age of watchmaking, the late 1960s to 1970’s, and is a fine example of restraint and respect for the craft-based Swiss watchmaking tradition.

The dial light has a brown or rose gold tone background, with yellow gold hour markers and numbers and hands. The look is pure elegance.

Germinal Voltaire watches trace their origins to 1848 when it began as MEYER FRERES. In 1895 PICARD & CIE registered trade marks for watches and watch parts, in 1901 the company was reformed under the same name. The trade marks of BLUM & FRERES MEYER were transferred to Picard & Cie after 1902. By 1915, the company was known as Fabrique Germinal. By this point, the company was producing and selling all sorts of innovative timepieces including some of the first wristwatches, ultra-flat pocket watches, and chronographs. Germinal was known for its specialty timepieces for its driver, aviator, engineer, and doctor consumers. All ‘Germinal’ watches were produced by Picard & Fils, Fabrique Germinal, SA La Chaux de Fonds. Their USA representatives were: Germinal-Voltaire Watches Vulcain Watch Co. of North America, New York, N. Y.

To read more about this and other Germinal Voltaire watches, click: Germinal Voltaire

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  1. Mircea Stroe says:

    Excellent story ! Thank you 🙂

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