Classy Seiko 5 Automatic Men’s Watch with Silver Tone Dial – RARE 1968 Model 6119-7100

photo[1] (122)This classy Seiko 5 Automatic Men’s Watch with silver tone dial is a rare 1968 Model 6119-7100.

Watch collectors either flock to Seiko or avoid Seiko, there does not seem to be a middle ground. For those who collect and appreciate these quaility watches, here is one of the standout models from the period right before the quartz revolution.

The Seiko “5” series is named for the five essential features of the watch, namely shock resistant, water resistant, automatic, unbreakable mainspring, and day/date display. Seiko began making the Seiko 5 series in 1964. Among the reasons this is rare and special is that these watches were not generally marketed in the USA, but rather elsewhere in the world where quartz batteries would have been harder to obtain. So they are not often found, and even fewer that are this early.

This particular Seiko 5 watch design was produced starting in 1968 and going till 1977, according to Ms. Hiroko Nakajima, CS Dept., SEIKO Watch Corporation. This specific watch was made during first year’s production of this model.

How do we know? The back is signed: SEIKO SGP BACK STAINLESS STEEL 6119 – 7100 WATERPROOF 869827 JAPAN J

This indicates that the watch was made in 1968 (8); in June (6); and was the 9827th watch made that month. Also, a Seiko that’s marked as “waterproof” is likely to be made before mid 1971; after that the wording used is “Water Resistant”.

Read more about this timeless timepiece at: Seiko 5

It looks great, works great, and is a joy to wear.

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2 Responses to Classy Seiko 5 Automatic Men’s Watch with Silver Tone Dial – RARE 1968 Model 6119-7100

  1. Richard Bubb says:

    I have a 6119 7120 (853033) and can not find ANY information about it, please help?!

  2. Your watch is very similar to this one, except it would have a silvery stainless steel bezel. The majority of the information in this post would apply to your watch, except that it would have been made in May of 1968. That is from the first two numbers of the serial number: 8 (1968) 5 (May)

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